begintheend (begintheend) wrote in martyrad,

Hey I just joined this community. I couldnt believe there was actually a Martyr AD community because they arent that well known but they should be because theyre freaking awesome, I really want to see them live. I was going to in Milwaukee but I had to work and that show ended up getting cancelled anyways...

  • Not so good news. :-|

    4/16/2005 "PUTTING RUMORS TO REST well, its true. martyr ad have broken up. not much to say right now but hopefully there will be a last show in…

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    Pretty cool review by Trenton Ray for "To The Core"...or something. The website: " Take the rulebook…

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    10/1 Huntington, WV @ YWCA w/ Dead To Fall, Haste The Day 10/6 Bakersfield, CA @ JERRY‘S PIZZA w/ Bleeding Through, Walls Of Jericho, It Dies…

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